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Imagine an aerial view of Denver where the cityscape is flourishing with plant life. This picture in your head is already a reality for cities such as Toronto, Chicago and Washington D.C.  The Denver Green Roof Initiative aims to mirror legislation like Toronto’s Green Roof Bylaw by requiring that all new building development over 25,000 sqft must dedicate a portion of their roof to vegetative space.

The Denver metropolitan region had a 1.5 percent population growth rate between 2004 and 2014 and is consistently ranked as one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation. We believe it is imperative to reduce the footprint of this exponential growth. 

The Benefits of Green Roofs far outweigh the only single negative, cost. Please take your time to explore this site. In it you will find every bit of non-biased information to form your own educated conclusions. Thank you so much for visiting. Please share us with your friends!

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  1. Mike Moore

    Hi there-
    My name is Mike and I am one of the owner’s of a mid-size landscape company here in Denver called Diggable Designs. We have one green roof under our belt and I am looking to keep moving in that direction. I just heard about your initiative but unfortunately missed the recent meeting. I was interested in seeing how the meeting went and if any steps towards further action were made and what happens next with this group. Please let me know how I can obtain that info. I just subscribed and will try to catch future meetings. Thanks!

  2. John Redding

    looking forward to doing my part to help.
    John Todd Redding

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