Citizen led I-300 “Denver Green Roof Initiative” Makes the Ballot!

I wanted to take a moment to officially announce that the Denver Green Roof Initiative has officially made the November Ballot! If you live in Denver please VOTE YES on I-300


We could never have done this without the help of our incredible volunteers. Over 60 people came together, spent countless hours of their time, and collected 8,000 signatures! Truly incredible. I couldn’t be more proud to have met and worked with each and every one!


This initiative would create a new building code requiring large buildings across Denver to dedicate a portion of their roof to solar or vegetation.


Climate change is getting worse every day and is only going to continue to do so. Denver ranks 11th worst in the nation for air quality and already ranks 3rd worst in the nation for its urban heat island effect. This means that the city is exponentially hotter than surrounding areas, both day and night. That means more heat waves, higher energy consumption and a great risk to general health and well-being.


With our federal government no longer paying attention to climate change it is imperative that we take charge at the local level. We are writing to you today to ask for your help doing just that. We have made it this far with the help of passionate people like yourself and we need to continue that momentum all the way through November.


Today we are introducing the triple 10 challenge. Today, we are asking you to tell 10 friends about this initiative, we are asking that you donate 10 hours of your time between now and November 7th, and finally, we are asking for you to donate 10 dollars. 10 Friends, 10 Hours, 10 dollars. Can you help us with this mission?

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